1. Code Name: Cbebm (3-D heat transfer and Li evaporation code).
2. The scope: Plasma-wall interaction code.
3. Developer: Leonid E. Zakharov.
4. Users: LEZ and ASIPP (Hefei, China)
5. Description: 3-D heat transport in sandwich-like media, Li-evaporation and deposition in tokamaks.
6. Language: C/OpenGL/CodeBuilder (Cb).
7. CodeControl: Real time interactive, organized by Cb.
8. Communications:Distributed over sections and organized by Cb (I/O file system, X-Window and OpenGL graphics with .png, .eps output).
9. Postprocessors: Other Cb-codes can read files from I/O database (the structure of records is common). Standard software for movie files.
10. Docs: Online-Help and code maintenance documentation is organized by Cb.
11. Web: N/A
12. Versions: No version control.
13. NumModel: Up to 4 layers of different materials (including a liquid lithium layer) with x,y,z grid. Stationary shallow water model for liquid lithium convection due to Marangoni effect. Integral equation method for simulating Knudsen model of the Li vapor flow from an evaporator of complicated geometry.
14. OperModel Non-linear.
15. Reference: N/A
16. Uniqueness: (a) Marangoni effect in liquid Li; (b) Thermal regime of Li evaporators; (c) Integral equations for wet wall and Knudsen gas model for Li evaporation; (d) Full 3-D model of NSTX, EAST, HT-7 in-vessel components.
17. Verification: Self-verified by mesh sizing.
18. Tangible results: (a) First simulations of Marangoni effect (for CDX-U experiment); (b) Reproduction of evaporation measurements on L-245 facility and NSTX; (c) Part of the design of NSTX LITER evaporators; (d) Simulations of lithium evaporation from the tray on HT-7.
19. Limitations: Code is consistent with the scope of problems.
20. Externals: CodeBuilder.
21. Scalability: Not an issue.
22. Bottlenecks: Not visible.
23. Composition: The code is structured by communication sections (rather than by modules or smaller codes) in consistency with Cb.
24. Portability: Not an issue.
25. Performance: Characteristic time is 5 min for calculation of an eveporation diagram and 1 sec for its use for deposition calculations in NSTX.