1. Code Name: Cbesi (Equilibrium Spline Interface code).
2. The scope:
3. Developer: Leonid E. Zakharov.
4. Users: LEZ.
5. Description: Inspect metric coefficients, particle orbits, field line properties.
6. Language: C/OpenGL/CodeBuilder (Cb).
7. CodeControl: Real time interactive, organized by Cb.
8. Communications:Distributed over sections and organized by Cb (I/O file system, X-Window and OpenGL graphics with .png, .eps output). Reads ESI interface from Cbesc.
9. Postprocessors: Other Cb-codes can read files from I/O database (the structure of records is common). Standard software for movie files.
10. Docs: Online-Help and code maintenance documentation is organized by Cb.
11. Web: N/A
12. Versions: No version control.
13. NumModel: ODE for field lines and particle orbits.
14. OperModel Non-linear.
15. Reference: N/A.
16. Uniqueness: (a) No analogs; (b) Properties of field lines (inside and outside the separatrix) for flux tube equilibria theory.
17. Verification: Use of lsode() for ODE with a prescribed accuracy.
18. Tangible results: (a) Calculation of first orbit losses of alpha-particles in ignited ST, (b) first calculations of wall touching kink mode equilibrium.
19. Limitations: Serves its purposes, the scope is expanding.
20. Externals: CodeBuilder, lsode().
21. Scalability: Not an issue.
22. Bottlenecks: Not visible.
23. Composition: The code is structured by communication sections (rather than by modules or smaller codes) in consistency with Cb.
24. Portability: Not an issue.
25. Performance: Has fastest (faster than in ORBIT) particle orbit routine.