1. Code Name: ngs (converts C- Fortran compact names into math)
2. The scope: Practicing with a system of compact notations for numerical codes
3. Developer: Leonid E. Zakharov.
4. Users: LEZ.
5. Description: A system of compact notations for numerical codes, introduced by the author, introduces formalized meaningful names for variables in numerical codes and simplifies understanding and maintenance of numerical codes.
6. Language: C.
7. CodeControl: Real time interactive.
8. Communications:ngs accepts the computer name from a keyboard, converts it into Latex format and displays the math interpretation of the name in an Xdvi window.
9. Postprocessors:
10. Docs: ngs000925.pdf file
11. Web: N/A
12. Versions: No version control.
13. NumModel: Text processing
14. OperModel:
15. Reference: N/A.
16. Uniqueness: (a) Unique formalized system for naming variables.
17. Verification:
18. Tangible results: Used in high performance programming (Cb codes)
19. Limitations: Not yet determined.
20. Externals:
21. Scalability: N/A
22. Bottlenecks: Not determined yet.
23. Composition:
24. Performance: The response is instantaneous