1. Code Name: WKB
2. Code Category: Differential Equation solver
3. Primary Developer: R. White
4. Other Developers and Users: Tudor Johnston, Bob Dewar
5. Short description: Complex plane WKB solver using Heading theory
6. Computer Language, Length: Fortran90, 1000 lines
7. Type of input required: analytic expressions
8. Type of output produced: data files for plots
9. Describe any postprocessors: Supermongo files
10. Status and location of code: /u/ftp/pub/white/WKB
11. Code web site? No
12. Is code under version control? No
13. One to two paragraph description of equations solved: Eigenvalue search in complex plane for unstable modes.
14. What modes of operation of code are there (eg: linear, nonlinear, reduced models, etc ):
15. Journal references describing code: "An Interactive Code for Solving Differential Equations Using Phase Integral Methods", R. B. White, J. Comput. Phys. 31, 409-424 (June 1979)
16. Codes it is similar to and differences: none

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